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Its great and has helped me alot seeing as we have been apart for over 2 years and finally getting this done.

Emily Richards

Fairly easy to use. Should be tailored a little more for questions pertaining to the types of divorce i guess like Uncontested... etc..

Kenyatta Rojas

This is easy and fast just answer some questions and hopefully I get divorced never thought getting a divorce would be so easy thank you.

Henry Smith
Happy Woman

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Legal separation is a less permanent option to divorce. You and your spouse will remain legally married; however, you are able to separate assets and debts as well as establish custody and child support of your children. A legal separation allows you and your spouse to remain entitled to marital benefits like heath insurance while separated
The most significant difference between legal separation and divorce is you are still married during a legal separation. You are not able to remarry until you are divorced. Other differences are that being legally separated allows you to keep health care and other benefits that you would lose in a divorce.
This is entirely up to you. You do not need to have an attorney if you are comfortable working through the details of your legal separation with your spouse.
After purchase, your forms are instantly available for download upon the completion of the interview.

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